Bump-to-Baby Portrait Package

Bump-to-Baby plans are ideal for parents who know from the very beginning that they want the first year of their baby’s life documented with professional photography. In most cases, the Bump-to-Baby plan package is chosen, contract signed and purchase complete before the new little one even enters the world — crossing one (big) thing off the very busy parents’ to-do lists!

Bump-To-Baby-Plan 2014  Bump-To-Baby-Plan 2014-imagesWhen you purchase a Bump-to-Baby plan you are purchasing a specific number of sessions and products/services. As such, these plans are usually scheduled based on the different stages of your baby’s development in the first year. The most common ‘stages’ are: maternity/expectation, newborn, sitting/crawling and 1-year/walking. However, some parents prefer to schedule their sessions based on the baby’s age, rather than their developmental stage (i.e., at newborn, 3-month, 6-months, 9-months and a 1-year ) . . . and sometimes, we use a different formula entirely! It doesn’t matter when your baby’s sessions occur during the first year, but all Bump-to-Baby plan sessions must be completed by baby’s first birthday!

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